Finger Joint Pine

Finger Joint System is a timber assembly that allows it to maximize the return for a homogeneous wood and high resistance.

In Molduras Mival we are specialists in the use of finger joint pine. Our experience in this material, together with the quality and added value offered by this material and custom designs of our products, does who test it does not want to change the material.

Unlike the other two timber assembly systems (butt and pasting and pasting diagonal), the finger joint allows assembly of very large surfaces, greater strength and increased applications for both construction of solid structures to interior design, construction of furniture or wooden accessories such as mouldings, skirting boards, jambs, casings, rebates, kits for sliding doors...

Advantages finger joint pine

Better protection of the environment:
  • Increased wood yield using fewer raw materials.

Best qualities of wood:
  • Qualities knotless, optimization of wear.
  • Use of short lengths (residual wood preparation).
  • Homogenization for merchandise, without end and without knots.
  • Better optical and techniques properties.
  • Wood assembled without interruption of the fibers.
  • Increased resistance in case of a smaller section.
  • Greater impregnation.
  • Total resistance to sticking.
  • Improved manageability (less weight than solid wood).
  • Identical behavior to the solid wood with a lower price.

Finger Joint Pine products

In Molduras Mival we offer you the chance to use finger joint pine as an alternative support to the chipboard and the MDF, so that our customers enjoy an end product similar to solid wood with more affordable prices: